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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

The formation of a new captive insurance company is new territory for even the most experienced broker.  Different statutes between regulatory environments, variance in risk distribution structures, and the numerous service providers involved can be confusing to both the broker and the insured.

We provide design and formation consultation services on all types of captive insurance company structures including:

  • "831(b)" Captives

  • Agency Captives

  • Enterprise Risk Captives

  • Group Captives

  • Micro-Captives

  • Rent-a-Cell Captives

  • Risk Retention Groups (RRG)

  • Small Captive Insurance Companies

  • Single-Parent Captives

Our experts will provide you the tools and guidance from beginning to end to ensure that your client ends up in the right structure, and with the right captive partners.  

Designed with the insured in mind, our formation consultation services typically include:

  • Program design 

  • Formal RFP and comparison of captive managers

  • Identification and selection of third-party claim administrators, actuaries, captive legal counsel, captive tax/audit professionals, etc.

  • Fronting carrier and reinsurance carrier identification and negotiation

  • Domicile evaluation and comparisons


Have a client that has asked about a captive?  Got your eye on a prospect that you'd love to bring into the fold?  Want to discuss a current client and see if a captive is a good fit?  Send us a quick note and we'll find some time to talk.

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